At Sculpt Dermal Fillers we work hard to provide our customers with the perfect products they need to change their appearance, boost their confidence, and love the skin they are in. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your lips and are interested in ways that you can plump your lips and improve the way they look, then it’s time to talk to one of our experts about the injectable filler we offer and how it will benefit you. No matter your age, what your lips look like currently, or the dream that you have for your mouth, we use high-quality products that we developed, certified, and approved for use, to improve the way you look and feel. A dermal filler injected into the lip is the best way to smooth out wrinkles and give you the full and plump look that you have always wanted.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

This acid is a great choice for augmenting your lips and decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the mouth since it is a naturally occurring substance in the body, which means there is a very low risk of your body rejecting the filler, or having an allergic reaction after the procedure. While collagen injections used to be more popular, as improvements have been made, scientists and doctors have come to realize that hyaluronic acid is the better choice for a natural look that is safe, and will last for a very long time without extra visits to an expert.

How These Fillers Can Improve Your Appearance

Using hyaluronic acid as a Sculpt Dermal filler means that an expert will be able to improve the way your lips look, in a number of ways. They can adjust the shape of your mouth, which will allow you to make small changes to the way your lips appear, and the outline of your mouth. We feel that this is very important, as many people struggle with the overall appearance of their lips and are interested in a drastic change that’s noticeable to them.

Another way we use hyaluronic acid to improve the appearance of your mouth, is by adjusting the structure of your mouth. Suppose you feel like your lips don’t match up or your upper lip is not in proportion with the bottom lip, our team of experts will be able to address your concerns and improve the way your mouth looks. Finally, we use an injectable filler, as a fast and easy way to add volume to the mouth. Whether you need one lip or both lips plumped, we are confident that our product will give you the full look that you have always wanted.

When you opt for our professional fillers, you won’t have to worry about the appearance of your mouth, as we can make a number of changes that will work together to improve your overall appearance, as well as your confidence.

Advantages of Sculpt Dermal fillers for Lip Filling

There are a number of reasons why, at Sculpt Dermal Fillers, we opt for hyaluronic acid for our clients. Hyaluronic acid allows us incredible control over how much we inject, which means we can create the perfect amount of volume in your lips. We can use hyaluronic acid over time, to make small adjustments until you get the look you desire and you won’t experience the bruising that is so common with other lip filler options. Additionally, any lumps created will dissolve easily and the results last for months, so you don’t have to worry about back-to-back appointments to make sure your mouth looks the way you want it to appear.

We are proud to offer hyaluronic-acid, dermal filler to our patients and love that there is a very low chance of someone experiencing an allergic reaction to the product. This is because this substance is naturally occurring in the body, and we have created our filler to be as close to natural as possible, so that our clients get the look that they want without being at risk for any problems. If you are interested in improving the appearance of your mouth and want to get rid of lines and wrinkles, while plumping up your lips, then it’s time to work with one of our professionals. Using our special acid product, CE certified and approved for ISO13485 and ISO9001, ensures that you get the look you want without any hassle.


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