All of our products comprise a vision that aims to create the best luxury solutions for aesthetic treatments. Therefore, Sculpt 18 makes no exception, this dermal filler addressing the crow’s feet, the smile line areas and lip augmentation. In the world of beauty, our products never cease to amaze the dermatologists and the plastic surgeons, but, most of all, those who are seeking ways to create sculpting effect without invasive means, without scars, pain or long recovery.

In search of beauty

Humans are in a perpetual quest of beauty. It is in our nature to crave for beauty and to embrace it, either in a material or in a non-material expression. Our bodies are subject to indomitable time’s passing. Without ever wanting to surrender, we feel fortunate when we encounter a serendipity like a product that could reverse time’s imprint on our skin.

Sculpt company is engaged in delivering the best dermal fillers, based on non-animal hyaluronic acid. The raw materials from their composition underwent a long process of purification, in order to create the most natural, yet powerful method for sculpting the face, smoothing your wrinkles and intensifying the natural jaw-line and the oval of the face. They are the solution for those beauty without pain seekers.  Our lab results and our clients are the proof that we are among the leaders in our field in the world, being the first choice of the best dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Why to choose Sculpt 18

The entire range of Sculpt Dermal Fillers products intends ot create a revolution in the beauty world as we know it. They are the result of a meticulous Research and Development Process developped by the best Laboratory, aiming to create the best solution in the field of beauty and aesthetics, being CE (Conformité Européene) and tested and approved for ISO9001 and ISO13485.  Our fillers are monophasic and help beauty seekers to create the perfect result.

We propose a non-invasive beautifying solution, that leaves no scars, no pain and doesn’t require a long period of recovery. Sculpt 18 is a gel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid useful in superficial lines, excellent to moderate wrinkles and minor skin damages,  for correction of the supraperiosteal area and the zygomatic area. The product can be used on wrinkles, lines and creases around the mouth, being injected into the superficial and the mid dermis. Its main objctives are to correct the deep wrinkles and the skin folds and to reconstruct the contours of the face, respectively the chin and the contour alignment of the lower jow.

The main areas recommended for Sculpt 18 are: glabellar and forehead areas, small lines around the eyes, bioreinforcement of malar areas and cheeks, purse string wrinkles.  With a deformation type of aging and a sufficient volume of soft tissues, the correction of nasolabial folds is also possible.

The product is presented into a glass pre-filled syringe. The capacity is 1.0 ml, in a blister pack with teo needles 27 G 0.5” TSK Laboratory (Japan). The blister is packed in a box. Its properties are as it follows: sterile, biodegradable, viscoelastic, clear and homogeneous.  The hyaluronic acid proportion is 18 mg/ml. The osmolality (measure of osmoles of solute per kilogram of solvent) is 300 mOsmol/kg and the pH is 7.0. The dynamic viscosity is 65 000 CP.

Be more than just a beauty seeker, be a beauty finder!

Sculpt 18, your glamour, your secret to sculpt yourself.


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