Creating A Luxury Masterpiece In The Beauty World Every Great Product Starts With A Vision.
Sculpt Dermal Fillers Are The Result Of A Vision. In The Quest Of Creating The Best And Luxury Solutions For Aesthetic Treatments

Our mission and goals

Sculpt Dermal Filler is a growing, vibrant and dynamic company, we understand that top-quality products and a service that exceed our customer expectations will lead us into a strong relationship with our customers.



A graduate of the Business School for Business Administration, specializing in procurement and logistics,

In 2010, was chosen as one of the 20 most promising young men in the logistics segment.

In 2016 I identified the growing trend in the field of Dermal Filler and the shortcoming of top quality product with an added value to the customers (clinics and patience as one) so I opened Sculpt Dermal Fillers a company which places a high value on quality, innovation, advanced logistics and customer service.

Our goals

Being at the center of technology

Give amazing service to our customers

Always deliver the best value for our clients



We see our distributor and customers as a partner on the road
We Always deliver the best value for our clients
We provide excellent service to our customers
We give our distributors Great prices so that they can penetrate the market, grow and develop
We support our distributors in entering to new markets
We helping distributors and clinics to increase sales whole by supporting network branding
Minimal quantities (MOQ) are suitable for clinics
Price without intermediary gaps, from manufacturer to the clinics

How do we do it?

Safe and least painless needle

Unique selling proposition

Fast delivery