A method of restoring hydro-balance and improving the qualitative characteristics of the skin by intradermal injections of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid is a negatively-charged polyanionic polymer with a physiological pH. Its water-binding enhances hydration. Hyaluronic acid is a Sculpt bio-revitalizant which creates an optimal environment for the normal functioning of fibroblasts and mucopolysaccharides. Fibroblasts are synthesizing and secreting proteins of the intercellular matrix (collagen and elastin). In addition to assisting with transport and distribution of water within tissues, mucopolysaccharides determine the barrier and protective functions of the intercellular space, increase skin elasticity, normalize its moisture and promote a wound-healing effect.

The size of HA molecule in Sculpt bio-revitalizant is 3,000,000 Da. This ensures longer preservation of hyaluronic acid in the tissues – allowing anti-aging correction to become more physiological – and emphasizes the uniqueness of the products in this line.
Sculpt bio-revitalizants are manufactured in vials of 6 ml and in syringes of 1.6 ml for physician convenience.
The low concentration of hyaluronic acid in Sculpt bio-revitalizants is intended to work with the skin during the initial stages of the aging process. In contrast, a highly concentrated solution of hyaluronic acid is a powerful hydration solution for age-related atonic, flabby, and severely dehydrated skin with delayed cell function.