Product Configuration: Glass vial 6 ml with rubber stopper and a protective cap.
Composition/Characteristics: Sodium hyaluronate, water for injection, decapeptide-4, arginine, histidine.

High-molecular hyaluronic acid combined with various amounts of amino acids and pep- tides to restores skin cell metabolism. Collectively, these active elements achieve an excel- lent equilibrium to normalize the skin’s condition by improving biochemical parameters.


Gravitational ptosis, prevention and correction of age-related skin and facial changes; wrinkles, flabbiness and dry skin, reduction of the depth of wrinkles around the eyes and their prevention; improvement of blood circulation and elimination of dark under- eye circles, rehabilitation after aggressive cosmetic procedures (chemical peelings, polishing, plastic surgery, etc.)


Face, neck, décolletage;

Body: the back of the hand, palms, inner thighs, anterior wall of abdomen.