Product Configuration: Glass vial 6 ml with rubber stopper and a protective cap. Composition/Characteristics: 2-dimethylaminoethanol, Tartaric acid, Organic silicon.

Sculpt DMAE is a powerful rejuvenating meso-cocktail that effectively fights flabby skin, facial wrinkles and neck wrinkles in the décolletage zone. Sculpt DMAE also smooths the skin, reduces the appearance of pigmentation spots and the severity of vascular patterns. The meso-cocktail strengthens and tightens the skin and is indispensable for patients with manifestations of gravitational ptosis with finely wrinkled, tired and deformative types of aging. Through its powerful lifting effect, Sculpt DMAE restores muscle tone and firmness and increases skin density.


The solution stimulates myofilaments of the dermis and facial muscles, structures the cellular skeleton, moisturizes the dermis and leads to a pronounced lifting of soft tissue of the face. It contains active ingredients that improve overall quality of the skin. Where a deficiency of hyaluronic acid production occurs, the solution can help restore the skin’s hydro-balance. As proliferative and synthetic functions of fibroblasts are activat- ed, the amount of collagen fibers is increased. Microcirculation is augmented, migra- tion processes in the matrix are improved, and oxidative stress of the skin is eliminated.


Face, neck, décolletage;

Body: the back of the hand, palms, inner thighs, anterior wall of abdomen.